US Sprint
5,000 SF Retail Store
Diamond Bar CA

California Compensation
30,000 SF Office Remodel
Diamond Bar CA
Zelman Development

Old Republic Title Co.
12,000 Class A Office
Santa Ana CA
The Koll Company

SINCE 1973

Interchecks - Yorba Linda CA
43,000 SF Corporate Offices
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

22,000 Office Space
The Irvine Company

Dept. of Children Services
30,000 SF Commercial Office
Santa Fe Springs CA

Griffin Financial Service
25,000 SF Corporate Office
Santa Ana, CA

Dept. of Social Services 
30,000 SF Office Re-Hab
Santa Fe Springs CA

CalComp Insurance - Diamond Bar CA
30,000 SF Corporate Office
Zelman Development

O'Donnell Property Services
15,000 SF Corp Office
Irvine  CA

Alsiuus Systems - Irvine CA
46,000 SF 
Insignia Property Managent

Sonoco Graham Company
50,000 SF Corporate Office
Rancho Cucamonga CA

16 Flight Simulator Facility  
Long Beach  CA
Hughes Aerospace

Della Robbia - Irvine GA
42,000 SF Offices
The Irvine Company

Master Industies - Irvine CA
22,000 SF Mixed Use Facility
The Irvine Company

Santa Fe Energy 

25,000 SF Office Remodel

Santa Fe Springs CA

Donnelly Directory - Irvine CA
30,000 SF Corporate Office
The Staubauch Company

XEROX Corporation 
30,000 SF Class A Office
Santa Fe Springs, CA


The principles of Cunningham Development have completed numerous tenant improvement projects, encountering a wide spectrum of challenges with a diverse clientele.  Among them are:​

Chrion Opthallmics
30,000 SF Office
Irvine  CA

Disney Attractions
Orange CA
The Walt Disney Company

NET SOFT - Irvine CA
28,000 SF Office
The Irvine Company

Fiberchem - Rancho Cucamonga  CA
70,000 SF  Manufacturing Facility
O'Donnell Property Group    PBI

Harbor Point Center - Torrance CA
150,000 SF Class A Office

Delta Lithograph Company
75,000 SF Corporate Offices
Valencia CA

Marriot Host - Los Alimitos CA
70,000 SF  Service Facility
O'Donnell Property Group

AVID TECH - Burbank CA
39,000 SF Offices / Tech Space
Birtcher Property Services

17,000 Class A Office
Riverbank Financial

Wyle Labs - Irvine CA
30,000 SF Clean Space
The Irvine Company

H.C. Power - Irvine  CA
78,000 SF
Bircher Property Services

Mossimo - Irvine CA
75,000 Corporate HQ
The Irvine Company

MFS Network Technologies

12,300 Tech Space

Irvine CA

Pinnacle Micro - Irvine CA
30,000 SF Tech Space
The Irvine Company

Industrial Sheet Metal Company
50,000 Mixed Use Facility
Irvine  CA

Tappin & Barling

10,000 SF Corp Office

Pasadena CA